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By William J. Krause

A renewed curiosity is starting to emerge spotting the potential for marsupials as specified types for biomedical study. due to their abbreviated interval of intrauterine improvement, marsupials are obtainable types with which to check the early improvement of mammalian organ structures. The North American opossum (Didelphis virginiana) has got extra medical scrutiny than the other marsupial to this point. the aim of volumes I and II is twofold. the 1st aim is to attract jointly and in short summarize the morphologal occasions and assisting quantitative facts excited about the histogenesis/organogenesis of some of the organ structures during this specific species. the second one aim is to supply an advent into the literature with reference to the biology of Didelphis virginiana and to collect jointly quite a few stories that experience keen on this species. quantity I summarizes gametes and fertilization, blastocyst formation and early organogenesis, fetal membranes and placentation, parturition and migration to the pouch, common postnatal progress and improvement, and histogenesis/organogenesis of the integument, musculoskeletal method, cardiovascular process, blood and blood forming organs, lymphatic organs, frightened procedure, eye, and ear. quantity II summarizes the histogenesis/organogenesis of the respiration method, digestive approach, urinary approach, male reproductive approach, lady reproductive process, and classical endocrine system.

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A delicate connective tissue stroma separates adjacent mesonephric corpuscles. Podocytes form the viscerallayer of Bowman's capsule and closely resemble those described in metanephric renal corpuscles of a variety of different species, including man. The mesonephric podocytes exhibit interdigitating pedicles, and intervening filtration slits, some of which may bridged by a thin membrane. The podocytes contain mitochondria th'at are distributed at random through the cytoplasm. Numerous polyribosomes and scattered profiles of rough endoplasmic reticulum also are observed.

Goblet cells of the small intestine occur only in limited numbers early in postnatal life and do not constitute a significant population until just prior to weaning (Table 20). Goblet cells are present within the intestinal lining epithelium of the colon of the newborn opossum and account for nearly 12% of the surface lining cells (Table 21). Goblet cells within the intestinal lining epithelium of the colon increase progressively in number so that at weaning they constitute nearly 60% of the epithelium.

The formed basolateral compartment is associated with numerous mitochondria. The basal cell membranes of the proximal tubular cells are separated from adjacent vascular elements lined with fenestrated endothelium by a delicate basal lamina. Columnar epithelial cells forming the distal mesonephric tubules are smaller than those of the proximal tubules and lack the microvillus border, the apical endocytic complex, as well as the supranuclear vacuoles. The cytoplasm contains numerous polyribosomes and mitochondria which occupy the paranuclear and basal cytoplasm.

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