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By Donald A. Crosby

An eloquent case for concerning nature itself as religion-as the metaphysical final deserving non secular dedication.

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5 The position of radical constructivism is more recently reflected in this statement of gifted television writer and performer James Burke, in which he describes the role of conceptual structures in laying out the nature of reality for various peoples at various places and times: The structure or Gestalt controls all perceptions and all actions. It is a complete version of what reality is supposed to be. It must be so if the individual or group is to function as a decision-making entity. Each must have a valid structure of reality by which to live.

Our sense of moral responsibility turns on our possession of such freedom, as does our ability to theorize meaningfully about anything, including the topic of freedom itself. If only one realizable alternative were truly before us, we could neither weigh nor choose in light of the reasons for making one moral choice rather than another, nor could we weigh or choose in light of the reasons for one theoretical outlook over against another. The concepts of moral responsibility and theoretical inquiry would be damaged beyond repair.

She is only externally related to me in that regard, because her genetic makeup does not depend on mine. She was what she was genetically before I came into being and remained such after I was born. Whether it is there or not, I continue to exist. Of course, if I get too much of it in my bloodstream, I might cease to exist, but that is a different story. Another example of the difference between internal and external relations is that my present moment of experience is internally related to the past moment, while the past moment of experience is only externally related to the present one.

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