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Materialist and at­ heistic ideas were systematized in Holbach's "Systeme de la Nature" and a profound theoretical analysis of religion was undertaken by Feuerbach. The pioneer for scien­ tific criticism of the Bible was Spi­ noza. Atheists of the Modern Era subjected religious morality to criti­ cism which provided a theoretical foundation for the struggle against feudalism, portrayed as an unjust social order. Holbach and Diderot demonstrated convincingly that reli­ gion could not promote improved moral standards and that even be­ lief in the existence of God and fear of could not hold man back from base deeds.

ARIANISM, a movement within the Christian Church in the 4th, 5th and 6th centuries, founded by the priest Arius. Arianism was an attempt to resolve the contradiction between Biblical monotheism and the teach­ ing that Christ was divine: adherents · of this doctrine did not accept one of the fundamental tenets of the official Christian Church: the consub- stantiality of God the Son (Christ) and God the Father, regarding that doctrine to be tantamount to an ac­ ceptance of ditheism. Arius main­ tained that only one God was ever­ lasting and ineffable, while the Son of God had been created not from the divine essence but out of noth­ ing.

He is appointed by the reigning monarch in response to rec­ ommendation from Parliament. The official residence of the Archbishop of Canterbury is Lambeth Palace. ARCHDEACON, a clerical position in the Christian Church: a cleric who assists the bishop during services. In the West, the Archdeacon is now a priest, while in the. Orthodox Church he is still a deacon, this title being accorded to the first deacon in the cathedral of a diocesan bishop. ARCllIMANDRITE, the highest title for monks in the Orthodox Church or an honorary title con­ ferred upon the heads of large mon­ asteries.

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